Businesses on Board

Local businesses are an integral part of the community. What affects the community directly affects us as a local business.

That is one of the reasons why Vanderfield is spearheading the Backing Our Youth campaign. They are heavily invested in their local communities and the agricultural families they serve, employ and “do life” with.

“We need the next generation to be resilient and hope-filled as they will become our employees, farmers, customers and leaders in the future,” said Bruce Vandersee, CEO of Vanderfield.

For some time, Vanderfield has supported school chaplaincy. Vanderfield recently joined with Artesian Foundation to encourage Queenslanders to support kids in the bush.

“The time is now to back our kids in the bush. But we simply cannot do it alone. But as a close community of community members, businesses, churches and schools, we can see a hope-filled generation and a stronger future for the bush.”